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The most extensive Amazon brand and product finder ever made! A tool built for Amazon sellers, by Amazon sellers. SmartScout is a tool for Amazon sellers to use as their own personal treasure map of Amazon! Buyboxer - one of the largest third-party sellers on Amazon, hated crawling through product pages, or using inadequate "all-in-one" tools just to find a few sellable products. So we created SmartScout, a brand and product finder so powerful it shocked us to see just how many profitable products we had been missing out on.

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Online Arbitrage Seller

June 14th, 2023

My software stack for OA on Amazon:

Our business relies on several tools, but these are the primary drivers of sourcing.

Online Arbitrage Seller

June 13th, 2023

Best tools to start an Amazon FBA business.

Product Research/Price History: Seller Amp and Keepa

Keyword Research: SmartScout

Wholesale: Scan Unlimited and SmartScout(/smartscout)

Inventory Tracking: InventoryLab, sellerboard and 2D Workflow (WS)

Trends: Google Trends and Tiktok

Online Arbitrage Seller

June 12th, 2023

Tools i use on a daily basis for Amazon FBA

These are all extremely important to my business, missing any?

Private Label Seller

June 11th, 2023

Here’s my tech stack:

9-Figure Reseller

June 16th, 2023

SmartScout: It thinks like I think. I can use it for anything from benchmarking to prospecting to competitive analysis for brands or for sellers. And it’s fast. And I know where to do mental corrections and what data is better or worse. This tool has been a great companion. I can ask diverse questions like “what’s the monthly revenue of Brand X”, “How large is the digestive enzymes category”, “how many seller accounts does Seller Z has”, “What does Brand Y spend on advertising”, “What are the top 200 VMS brands whose products are less that .5 cubic feet and are sold directly by the brand”, “Is the vitamin A category mostly sold through 1P”. And more. That’s a diverse set.

Sellozo: It’s highly competitive at a flat fee, it’s built for brandrunners who want to see what is happening and have an easy and UI friendly way to make adjustments.

Keepa: Has a reliable stream of raw ingredients to do interesting things.

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