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SellerLegend is a leading Amazon Seller Software platform where many Amazon business owners benefit from: Visualizing mined Amazon data in unique and novel ways, Making real business decision based on near-real-time-data, Save you time by eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks.

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7-Figure Private Label Seller

June 6th, 2023

New year, upgraded Amazon seller stack:

  1. Reimbursements: GETIDA
  2. Emails: FeedbackWhiz
  3. Product Research: Jungle Scout
  4. A/B Testing: PickFu
  5. Seller Analytics: SellerLegend
  6. Inventory Management: Cogsy
  7. Listing Monitoring: AMZAlert
Private Label Seller

June 5th, 2023

In my own experience, by trial and error, I’ve found software options for managing your PL company, that I consider a must, for increasing your enterprise efficiency.

My favs software stack for private label:

  • Keepa: is a tool that is best known for tracking the history of every Amazon item’s price and sales rank. Lots of historical data. Must have.
  • Helium 10: is used to manage and sell products, research product success, search for effective keywords, create and optimize product listings, review analytics, and manage eCommerce business operations.
  • DataDive: this is an Amazon keyword and product research tool that is especially helpful to third-party sellers. Helps with PPC.
  • Intellivy: Polling software to help you optimize, finetune and test in a simulated market environment to get the best-performing product presentation possible.
  • Clickup: this is an all-in-one productivity task management tool. Remember business is about keeping things repeatable processes. Great software for remote teams too. An alternative pick would be asana’s free plan to get started
  • Shipment Maker Pro: A tool used for FBA shipment optimization. Basically instead of splitting inventory between two warehouses. You can most likely just ship to one. Pays for itself. It’s been buggy lately but 100% must-have while it works.
  • SellerLegend: This tool pulls in your Amazon data directly from Seller Central to provide Amazon sales and other metrics. Dashboard analytics tool might switch to SellerRise tho based on speed.

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