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The first Game Theory Repricer for Amazon sellers. We apply a new approach to repricing based on game theory tactics. Our AI-powered repricer continuously analyzes the competition to maximize profit while avoiding price wars or missing out on potential BuyBox share. We understand the unique challenges faced by Amazon sellers. In addition to the automatic, state-of-the-art, Game Theory Repricer, Seller Snap offers advanced sellers the ability to take control of their repricing strategies, providing sellers with the option to tailor the repricer to their business needs. And finally, Seller Snap developed rubust analytics to assist sellers in making more informed business decisions to help scale and grow businesses.

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Amazon Seller

June 16th, 2023

These are the Amazon Seller tools that I use on a daily basis:

Amazon Seller

June 2nd, 2023

Tools I use to run my Amazon business:

  1. Keepa (product research)
  2. sellerboard (accounting)
  3. Seller Amp (sales estimator)
  4. Seller Snap (repricer)
  5. AMZanalyzer (scan excel sheets)
  6. DS Amazon Quick View (product research)

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