Amazon Seller Software Landscape

The map covers the SaaS players providing services to Amazon sellers.

Amazon Advertising
Optimize Amazon advertising budget, bids and strategy to improve product visibility, drive more sales and reduce ACOS.
Analytics and Reporting
Analyze your profitability and cost-per-product so you can better direct your business strategy and focus on what’s working.
Channel Management
Automate order management and keep inventory levels in sync across Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other marketplaces.
Listing Optimization
Cataloging services help you list new products and optimize existing offers with attributes that follow Amazon guidelines.
Browser Extensions
Extend the functionality of Amazon and show additional data to help screen prospective products.
Amazon AI Tools
Generative AI and ChatGPT based tools for product research, creating listings, optimizing pricing, and finding keywords.
Feedback and Reviews
Get verified reviews and feedback from customers to help improve your seller rating and offer customers useful insights.
Auditing and Reimbursements
Discover and manage Amazon reimbursements for fee discrepancies and lost & damaged inventory and shortages.
Inventory Management and Forecasting
Merchandise planning and inventory management tools to manage over-ordering, under-ordering, and creating POs,
Product Research
Screen prospective products using criteria such as customer demand, allowing more data-driven sourcing decisions.
Competitive Intelligence
Enterprise tools to analyze and benchmark competitive traffic, conversion, sales, and market share on Amazon.
Automated Repricing
Stay price-competitive with tools that automate your product pricing based on your business rules.
Accounting and Taxes
Tax services can help you with tax registration and filing of monthly, quarterly, and annual taxes.
Retail Arbitrage Product Sourcing
Product sourcing tools for Amazon FBA sellers to find profitable, fast-selling products.