Browser Extensions

Extend the functionality of Amazon and show additional data to help screen prospective products.

Keepa logo

Keepa is a tool that tracks the price and sales history of nearly every product on Amazon. This extension is helpful for sellers doing product...

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Jungle Scout logo
Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout helps sellers locate profitable opportunities on Amazon, find suppliers, launch new products then manage and optimize their business.

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AMZScout logo

AMZScout offers the most accurate product research tools for Amazon with a Web App and Chrome browser extension, giving you detailed sales and...

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SellerApp logo

SellerApp is a one-stop-shop data analytics platform that provides E-Commerce intelligence for sellers to accelerate growth at every stage of the...

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Helium 10 logo
Helium 10

Helium 10 all-in-one tool suite is a conversation between us, e-commerce enthusiasts, and you - the entrepreneurial Amazon seller. Our daily grind...

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DataDive logo

Data Dive is the most comprehensive, powerful, all-in-one software solution for product research, market research, Amazon SEO, and advertising...

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Viral Launch logo
Viral Launch

Viral Launch is the go-to software and services platform helping brands Source, Launch, and Dominate on the Amazon marketplace. Mission: Our...

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Unicorn Smasher logo
Unicorn Smasher

Find the perfect product to start dominating on Amazon. Built by AMZTracker, Unicorn Smasher Pro is a great tool for AMZ sellers that supercharges...

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tools4seller logo

Founded in 2014 by Tapcah Inc, Tool4seller is one of the first Amazon seller apps that help you understand and manage your Amazon business. With...

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CaptainAMZ logo

All-in-one Amazon seller software with many best features including Auto request Reviews & Feedbacks, Track reviews & Buy Box & Hijackers, Keyword...

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Seller Assistant App logo
Seller Assistant App

Seller Assistant is a Browser extension that combines FBA Calculator, IP Alerts, Quick View, and Stock Checker in one tool. Our aim is to provide...

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ZonBase logo

ZonBase makes selling on Amazon easy, fun and more digestible to understand, with the support of our software, tutorials and Mentorship all found...

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Amalyze logo

AMALYZE Shield – the tool for Amazon made in Germany for product research, product identification, ranking optimization, product monitoring and...

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Seller.Tools logo

Seller.Tools is an optimization and visibility platform for Amazon sellers. With the power of Amazon data sellers can tap into more than ever...

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Zoof logo

Identify profitable opportunities, perform accurate keyword research, boost your organic rankings, optimize listings with precision and so much...

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ReviewScout logo

ReviewScout is an innovative ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension designed to help Amazon sellers and shoppers make informed decisions. By providing...

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Seller Amp logo
Seller Amp

Easily understand key indicators that help you profitably source products to sell on Amazon, whether doing Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage or...

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DS Amazon Quick View logo
DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View is a Google Chrome Extension for Amazon to quickly view additional information such as product ASIN, sales ranking, customer...

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